9 Tips to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Custom eLearning Content – Enhancing Corporate Training Success

Posted May 23, 2019 by Shannon Hart

Measuring the effectiveness of custom eLearning content is an ongoing challenge for organizations. Taking the time to truly assess the impact of a learning offering can seem redundant – we’ve already invested so much time in design and development! – but given the cost of custom eLearning and the beneficial data that can be gained, it is a worthwhile process. A continuous improvement loop should be built in to the process from the beginning, as both learners and your company’s bottom line will benefit.

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Five Ways A Custom eLearning Solution Can Improve Your Corporate Training ROI

Posted May 20, 2019 by Monica Savage

In this day in age, corporations face new and increasing challenges. From fierce competition in the global market and decreasing corporate resources, to continuous changes in technology, and difficulties in retention of skilled people, these challenges can be overwhelming. Instead of cutting the training expenses, the corporations are moving towards viewing training as an investment. Hence, improving the corporate training ROI is critical.

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Custom eLearning Content for Success – Four Tips to Help You Define Your Learning Objectives

Posted May 15, 2019 by Shannon Hart

Establishing concrete learning objectives for your custom eLearning content is a crucial element of the program’s success. Assuming that your organization has established a learning need of some kind, the trick is then to establish measurable learning objectives specific to the desired outcome of the learning event. Here, we provide four tips to help you formulate solid learning objectives that will support your custom eLearning program.

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Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development

Posted May 13, 2019 by Amanda Costa

Done correctly, blended learning integrates your new and existing learning assets, technology, and the latest from the field of neuroscience – into cohesive traditional learning to improve learning outcomes. This eBook is Obsidian Learning’s contribution to the blended learning canon, based on our long and varied experience in Learning and Development.

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Custom eLearning Development: 4 Tips to Deliver Compelling and Engaging Content

Posted May 9, 2019 by Lubos Janoska

In all seriousness, any conscientious designer who creates training or learning assets designed to influence human behavior or elicit change perpetually seeks the ways and means to make the content more compelling and more engaging.

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Adapting an Off-The-Shelf Course to a Custom eLearning Solution

Posted Jan 22, 2019 by Shelly Immel

Off-the-shelf courses are a common answer to basic training needs, but they have limits. Here are 5 ways to extend the usefulness of off-the-shelf courses and transcend their limitations by adapting them into custom eLearning solutions.

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Is it Time to Outsource? 3 Top Reasons to Opt for a Training Solutions Provider

Posted Jan 11, 2019 by Lubos Janoska

Is your L&D team stretched too thinly? If so, you could get real benefits from eLearning outsourcing. In this article, I’ll share the top 3 reasons why to find a training solutions provider.

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5 Ways A Custom eLearning Solution Can Increase Employee Knowledge Retention

Posted Jan 9, 2019 by Shannon Hart

How can you take the best advantage of custom eLearning to improve employee knowledge retention? Let's explore some features that well-designed custom eLearning can provide.

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5 Benefits of Using Custom eLearning Solutions in Your Corporate Training

Posted Jan 3, 2019 by Monica Savage

Thinking of making the leap to custom eLearning? Here's why it benefits you, your company, and your bottom line.

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7 Best Practices for Effective Custom eLearning Content Development

Posted Dec 27, 2018 by Shannon Hart

In this post we’ll let you in on what we’ve discovered to be some best practices in navigating your way through custom eLearning content development.

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