Virtual Team Building Improve

Virtual communication, collaboration, and meetings have become integral to the way we work. Yet few people have acquired the special skills and techniques to make virtual interaction successful. Working together in socially unskilled ways, following detrimental collaboration processes, and communicating in ways inappropriate to remote meetings can lower morale, increase isolation, and reduce productivity. The good news is that skilling up in these areas can increase work satisfaction and team productivity, creativity, and resilience.

From making presentations to how we run brainstorming meetings, from inclusivity to having difficult conversations, it's time for a global update of the virtual workplace "playbook".

That's why Obsidian Learning created our Virtual Team Toolkit training series. This modular eLearning series focuses on specific communication skills and team processes to improve virtual team interactions. It gives team members and managers knowledge and skills to bring their best to their work, and do their best work together.

You should take this series if

  • Your team is partially or fully remote
  • You want to build your virtual communication skills
  • You want to set up your virtual meetings, processes, and interactions for success
  • You want more engagement and collaboration on your virtual team
  • You want to improve team member satisfaction and contribution
  • You have responsibility for team productivity or employee satisfaction

Obsidian Learning's Virtual Team Toolkit training series will be available soon on Open Sesame.

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