Social Connection Group

Social connection is good for humans, and it's good for companies. But it doesn't just happen, especially in a virtual environment. It requires intentional integration of social elements into the virtual environment and team calendar, as well as a "playbook" of activities designed and adapted to create social connection on virtual teams.

Obsidian Learning's modular eLearning series Virtual Team Building: Social Connection introduces the concepts and skills necessary to select and facilitate virtual activities to build social connection, communication, and trust in remote teams, both in work meetings and in social events outside work. You can use the video instructions and demonstrations to learn how to facilitate the activities yourself, or show them to your team in a virtual meeting or after-work social event to launch the activities. Either way, you and your virtual team can quickly start experiencing greater social connection.

You should take this series if

  • Your team is partially or fully remote
  • You want work to feel more satisfying for you and your teammates
  • You want to build your skills and tool kit of activities specifically designed to build social connection for virtual teams
  • You are looking for ways to improve social trust and communication skills required for optimal team dynamics, especially around speed to decision/action, creativity, problem solving, design, responsiveness, and team member retention
  • You have responsibility for team productivity or employee satisfaction

Obsidian Learning's Virtual Team Building: Social Connections training series is available on Open Sesame.

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