Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development

Posted May 13, 2019 by Amanda Costa

Done correctly, blended learning integrates your new and existing learning assets, technology, and the latest from the field of neuroscience – into cohesive traditional learning to improve learning outcomes. This eBook is Obsidian Learning’s contribution to the blended learning canon, based on our long and varied experience in Learning and Development.

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Transforming Learning: Using Video for Cognitive, Emotional and Social Engagement

Posted Mar 14, 2017 by Stephen Victor

Is video always the right choice for instruction? What principles should instructional designers use to develop effective instructional videos? In our latest white paper, we discuss best practices for creating videos for training, including cognitive theories of learning, guidelines for design and development of instructional videos, and examples/case studies of videos developed by Obsidian Learning.

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Cracking the Mobile Learning Code: xAPI and cmi5

Posted Aug 9, 2016 by Stephen Victor

With the recent maturing of the xAPI and cmi5 standards, we soon won’t be so firmly tied to the LMS. Our latest white paper takes a look at how xAPI and cmi5 can be used to capture the entire spectrum of learning, from formal to informal.

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Learning is for Everyone: Instructional Design for Accessibility

Posted May 13, 2016 by Stephen Victor

One thing some instructional designers forget, though, is the issue of accessibility – are our courses open to all, including people with disabilities? This article examines several issues related to accessibility and eLearning.

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Distributed Learning: A Flexible Learning Model for a Global Economy

Posted Feb 8, 2016 by Stephen Victor

At Obsidian Learning, we believe learning should be ongoing, occur when needed, and make use of inexpensive technologies. We use a unique, research-based model of distributed learning to develop rich instructional environments that pack a big bang for the buck.

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