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Our Services

Using leading technologies, we facilitate learning, knowledge transfer, and effective organizational change. We develop interactive learning programs that engage learners and accelerate skills development, and we create performance support, communication and customization programs in support of learning. Our brilliant programmers develop custom mobile apps and software, and our animators bring concepts to life in unique explainer videos. Our services reflect our extensive experience and our ability to adapt to client needs. Lasting educational results and true behavior change across the workforce are the true measures of our success.

Blended Learning

We design and develop custom blended learning programs combining traditional face-to-face instruction with online digital media learning. Our blended learning model combines ILT, WBT, and mobile learning in formal and informal settings, as well as just-in-time learning that occurs at the point of need as performance support. The components of the blended program are spaced over time and focus on competency development.


Flash to HTML5 Conversion

We’re experienced Flash and HTML5 developers that can help you update and convert your existing legacy content, and ensure that your new content is accessible on mobile and tablet devices. We’ve evaluated and developed numerous solutions to streamline the conversion process. After analyzing your content, we’re able to recommend approaches that can reduce the need to recreate from scratch. This includes the possibility of recovering assets without access to the original source files. Our team uses the latest techniques to quickly develop clean, reusable code for your project.



Characterized by concise, focused learning deliverables, microlearning is particularly suited to address single, performance-based learning objectives which ideally tie into a larger overall learning strategy. Recycling old content and chunking it into smaller pieces is not microlearning; Obsidian designs effective microlearning pieces based on sound instructional design principles. Looking for versatility? Microlearning can be delivered in the form of ebooks, animations, quizzes, infographics, videos, process maps, games, flashcards, case studies…the possibilities are endless.



Bring learning to life. Videos capture minute details, and can simultaneously explain and simplify concepts, systems, or processes. Video enhances the emotional aspect of learning, allowing viewers to more fully engage in the educational process. Obsidian passionately believes in the power of learning through video, and has produced everything from explainer videos to interviews and eClip ads.


Mobile Apps

Life before mobile devices seems a distant memory for many, and an unimaginable reality for others. 24/7 connectivity is a modern-day expectation, and mobile devices are ubiquitous tools relied upon for both fun and function. At Obsidian, we develop custom mobile apps which offer true performance support as well as nifty learning and reference tools.


Custom Software

Through technology, learners are empowered to collaborate with each other and to seek resources, knowledge, and expertise. We analyze your specific needs, then customize and code digital tools that fit your business needs.


Government - Federal Supply Schedule

Special Item No. Corp Professional Services
874 4 Training Services
874 9 Off-the-Shelf Training Devices & Training Materials
541 1 Advertising Services
541 4B Video / Film Production
541 4F Commercial Art & Graphic Design Services
GSA Contract Number: GS-00F-376GA
Contract Period: September 8, 2017 through September 7, 2022
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