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Articles Tagged as “Cone of experience”

Jul 19 2017

What is: the Cone of Experience?

Author: Lubos Janoska

Gather 'round kiddos, Uncle Lubos wants to tell another crazy but true story. This one is about an innocent kid, an abused model—and if you stick around till the end—a wholesome apple. Our story begins back in my college days, back before phones had Google and books came with free Prime shipping. One of the books I'll never forget wasn't a book per se, but a bulky three-ring binder of recommended reading for future leaders. Distributed to members of a student organization I was in, this "book of insight" devoted a section to how people learn.As a business student with no prior exposure to cognitive psychology, I found the thinking and learning section utterly fascinating. A particular object of fascination—one that offered immediate value to me as a learner—was Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience. The version I saw looked similar to this...

22 February,2018 The Obsidian Blog | Cone of experience Obsidian Learning