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Looking to develop an eLearning course? Let us give you an estimate!

Current Cost Range $0 - $0
* assumes completed storyboard and one client review

In what tool/software will the course be developed?

Articulate Storyline

Adobe Flash/Animate



What is the length of the course?

0 to 20 minutes

20 to 30 minutes

30 to 45 minutes

45 minutes or more

Will the course use a default theme or will it need to be customized?

Default theme

Custom theme

Does the course need professional voiceover?

YES, voiceover is needed

NO, voiceover is not needed

What level of interactivity will be needed?

No custom interactions

1 or 2 custom interactions

3 or more custom interactions and a scenario based activity

Will the course need to provide an assessment upon completion?

No assessment is needed

A grade at completion

A grade and a certificate of completion

The range of cost for your project would be estimated between:

$1500 - $8000
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19 July,2018 Project Estimation Calculator | Obsidian Learning