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Three helpful meeting templates most project teams do not use

If your learning development process involves a sales team, project managers, graphic designers, and instructional designers, you may find these templates useful.

The sales team lands a new project and a project team is assigned. Does the project team really knows all the background of this sale, client, goals, and budget? Hopefully this information is at your finger tips. If not, though, you should consider having a Sales Information Transfer Meeting. The first form in the attached file can guide you through this meeting and save a lot of headaches.

Now you have all the information to start the project, you may have even had a kickoff with the client, but is the project team on the same page internally? Maybe, but it would be very helpful to hold an internal kickoff meeting. To make this easier, you may want to use the Kick Off Meeting Form in the file attached.

The project is finished, all deliverables complete and the team is breathing with relief. Before you move on to the next project and forget all plus/delta events, take the time to capture lessons learned. Holding a Project Evaluation Meeting will be useful to everyone on the team. This is a time for lookback, feedback, and brainstorming for opportunities for improvement. And guess what? We have a form for that!

Instructional Design Project Management Templates

To download all three forms, just click here: 3 Helpful Forms

19 June,2018 The Obsidian Blog | Three helpful meeting templates most project teams do not use Obsidian Learning