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Project File Management for Instructional Designers

As an Instructional Designer, you know that management of your project’s files is essential if you want to maintain your sanity. Everyone who has more than a few projects under their belt probably has a method or at least habits for this that they are comfortable with. But there’s another benefit to using a system for project files, particularly in team environments. By consistently using a template for project files within your organization, you pave the way for smooth transitions when passing projects between designers/developers, or when re-visiting a project for updates after months (or even years). Here’s a suggestion for a file management template. This design is based on projects developed in Articulate, but is easily adaptable. One of the most important aspects of the system is to use consistent terminology when naming and labeling files avoiding confusion and misunderstanding (i.e., graphics vs. images vs. pics, etc.). Once the template is established and agreed on, a master can be placed on a server. From this, copies can be made to begin projects. To download a sample file management template, click here: ID File Management Template
20 June,2018 The Obsidian Blog | Project File Management for Instructional Designers Obsidian Learning